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    Yasmin " E-LAWYER"
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    You deserve outstanding service

About us

A group of young lawyers gathered to provide the best type of Legal services and administrative with a high

performance quality response to the requirements of legal services in Palestine


Customers have the right to get a distinct level of quality comprehensive legal service

Our Message

Provide the best legal advisory service and management in the framework of constant communication and full satisfaction


We believe in truth, justice, equality, transparency, integrity, rule of law, good governance, objectivity and professionalism


The company exploring its career through the analysis of the legal and administrative services sector in Palestine; therefore the company's

strategic goal is to provide a legal and administrative services in Palestine with a high quality to ensure complete satisfaction to customers

and to get the result that our services spread over Palestine in the first phase and then to the Arab world



All rights reserved to the photographer "Karim Abou Lafi"



    Comprehensive legal adviser to institutions and companies serving the daily follow up with the general director, auditing, contracts, etc

    Legal advocacy in the judicial proceedings in areas: civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, military, compensation and insurance service

    Legal achievement of administrative service in the registration of companies, institutions, factories with insurance license from the competent authorities of administrative and legal
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